Course Reserves

Most, but not all, of these books are on reserve in the Allen Music Library. If you have any other textbooks that you think need to be added to this list, please let me know.

Single-Volume Textbooks

  • Bakan, Michael B. 2007. World Music: Traditions and Transformations. McGraw-Hill.
  • Reck, David. 1977. Music of the Whole Earth.
  • May, Elizabeth. 1980. Musics of Many Cultures: An Introduction. Berkeley: University of California Press.
  • Hast, Dorothea, James Cowdery, and Stan Scott. 1999. Exploring the World of Music. Kendall Hunt.
  • White, Gary, David Stewart, and Elyn Aviva. 2001. Music in Our World: An Active Listening Approach. McGraw-Hill.
  • Miller, Terry E. and Andrew C. Shahriari. 2006. World Music: A Global Journey. New York: Routledge.
  • Nettl, Bruno.Excursions in World Music. 5th Ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson, 2008. Print.
  • Shelemay, Kay Kaufman. 2006. Soundscapes: Exploring Music in a Changing World. New York: W.W. Norton.
  • Titon, Jeff Todd. 1996. Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples. New York, NY: Schirmer Books.


Oxford Global Music Series

  • Barz, Gregory F. 2004. Music in East Africa. Oxford University Press. (ML350.B37 2004)
  • Brinner, Benjamin Elon. 2008. Music in Central Java. Oxford University Press. (ML345.I5 B75 2008)
  • Campbell, Patricia Shehan. 2004. Teaching Music Globally. Oxford University Press. (MT1.C229 2004)
  • Diamond, Beverley. 2008. Native American Music in Eastern North America. Oxford University Press. (ML3550.D53 2008)
  • Douglas, Gavin. 2009. Music in Mainland Southeast Asia. Oxford University Press. (ML330.D68 2009)
  • Dudley, Shannon. 2004. Carnival Music in Trinidad. Oxford University Press. (ML3486.T7 D83 2004)
  • Gold, Lisa. 2005. Music in Bali. Oxford University Press. (ML345.I5 G65 2005)
  • Hast, Dorothea E., and Stan Scott. 2004. Music in Ireland. Oxford University Press. (ML3654.H35 2004)
  • Lau, Frederick. 2008. Music in China. Oxford University Press. (ML336.L28 2008)
  • Marcus, Scott Lloyd. 2007. Music in Egypt. Oxford University Press. (ML355.E3 M37 2007)
  • Murphy, John P. 2006. Music in Brazil. Oxford University Press. (ML3487.B7 M85 2006)
  • Reyes, Adelaida. 2005. Music in America. Oxford University Press. (ML200.R48 2005)
  • Rice, Timothy. 2004. Music in Bulgaria. Oxford University Press. (ML252.R53 2004)
  • Ruckert, George. 2004. Music in North India. Oxford University Press. (ML338.R83 2004)
  • Sheehy, Daniel Edward. 2006. Mariachi Music in America. Oxford University Press. (ML3485.S54 2006)
  • Stone, Ruth M. 2005. Music in West Africa. Oxford University Press. (ML350.S76 2005)
  • Turino, Thomas. 2008. Music in the Andes. Oxford University Press. (ML3575.A475 T87 2008)
  • Viswanathan, T., and Matthew Harp. Allen. 2004. Music in South India : The Karòn¯aòtak Concert Tradition and Beyond. Oxford University Press. (ML338.V57 2004)
  • Wade, Bonnie C. 2004. Thinking Musically. Oxford University Press. (ML3798.W33 2004)
  • Wade, Bonnie C. 2005. Music in Japan. Oxford University Press. (ML340.W22 2005)

Rough Guides to World Music

  • Rough Guides. 2006. The Rough Guide to World Music, Volume 1: Africa and Middle East. New York: Rough Guides.
  • ———. 2009. The Rough Guide to World Music, Volume 2: Europe, Asia and Pacific. New York: Rough Guides.

Focus on World Music Series (Routledge)

  • Bohlman, Philip. 2004. The Music of European Nationalism: Cultural Identity and Modern History. ABC-CLIO. (ML3580.B64 2004)
  • Crook, Larry. 2005. Brazilian Music: Northeastern Traditions and the Heartbeat of a Modern Nation. ABC-CLIO. (ML3487.B7 C76 2005)
  • Muller, Carol. 2004. South African Music: A Century of Traditions in Transformation. ABC-CLIO. (ML350.M85 2004)
  • Spiller, Henry. 2008. Focus: Gamelan Music of Indonesia. Routledge. (ML1251.I53 S76 2008)
  • Williams, Sean. 2010. Focus: Irish Traditional Music. Routledge. (ML3654.W56 2010)

Garland Handbooks

  • Olsen, Dale A. and Daniel Edward. Sheehy. 2008. The Garland Handbook of Latin American Music. New York: Routledge.
  • Stone, Ruth M. 2000. The Garland Handbook of African Music.